// Sebastian Nielson

City: Berlin // Germany
Resident: Minimal People // Konsole
Releases: Minimal People, Konsole Label

Sebastian Nielson is pleased to welcome you dear friends of electric music and wants to thank you for your interest. Seb.N. was born in Poland/Stettin on the 6th of may in 1983. He moved to Berlin in Germany around 1990-1991. He successfully absolved school and his vocational training as a cook. In the late 90s (obviously around 1997/1998) he began deejaying electric musik by himself. He primarily played house, techno, progressive also minimal house/techno, electro and electro techno- For the first period of time he put on music at home for friends, then at smaller parties and birthdays, basement and illegal parties, bars, cafés, lounges and many similar places.

Finally he arrived deejaying in smaller clubs like 'Pfefferberg', 'Subground', 'Geburtstagsclub' and on diverse festivals plus open airs. In 2001 he started receiving his vocational training as a cook in Berlin. As a matter of fact it caused him to let the relationship with the clubscene slide a little. He also could not play as often as before. Once 2004 he collected the first production expiriences with a little of his friends an well-knowns. From now on he was mesmerized by the joy of music conveyed by its production. Since then he Seb.N. is producing at home, in studios and with friends pieces of house progrssive deep house and techno.

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